IMG_1380I am based in Los Angeles, California, and have been a part of the Silverlake/ Los Feliz community for over 30 years.

I have been doing photography since I was a teenager, which is now 30 years ago. My mother is a well established celebrity photographer, so I would play with her photography equipment in her studio, doing photo shoots with my friends. As a child, I would be her model as she would experiment with lighting techniques, sometimes getting lessons from famous mentors. At Otis Parsons and UCLA I majored in Art History and Fine Art painting, but took many photography classes with some amazing teachers, utilizing photography for my fine art. After that, my photos, as well as my art, have been exhibited in galleries and been published in books and magazines, (under my maiden name, Emilie Harvey).

Now being a mom, I am on a more commercial path with my photography, but trying to find a balance between my fine art past and merging it with a more commercial style. I am constantly educating myself on the new world of digital photography, but I am proud of my old school past. A lot of work in my portfolio is shot with film, and developed in the dark room by me.

Besides doing photography, I have worked in the film industry and in private homes as a scenic artist, (working on such projects as Kill Bill, Mad Men, ER, to name a few), dabbled in illustration, graphic design, underground comics, and have tried pretty much anything and everything “artistic.” But through it all, I always have a camera with me!

Other miscellaneous tidbits?

Although I am a Californian by birth and have spent most of my life in Los Angeles, I was raised in Rome, Italy. I spent my young adult years (and one year as a child) living in London, England.

I am vegan, and have been pretty much a vegan-ish vegetarian most of my adult life. I love animals!

I believe in volunteering regularly.  My heart bleeds for at-risk youth, the homeless, and abused animals.  I have spent many years volunteering teaching art to at-risk-youth, mostly with the organization Free Arts for Abused Children.

I am certified by the Coast Guard!

Oh, and “Zeug” is pronounced like “Zoig” – it is the German “eu” that is the same as the “eu” in “Freud.”

I also have another blog, The Road to Mammoth, which keeps track of our life traveling back and forth between Los Angeles and Mammoth Lakes, and the road in-between, Highway 395.

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