Women’s March, L.A., 1-21-2017


Well, the person I didn’t want to become POTUS, became POTUS.  So, I was excited to take my daughter to her first BIG march – I had no idea how big it was actually going to be!  So proud of L.A. for turning out 750,000 people!!  I was a little nervous of trying to take photos AND keeping an eye out for my daughter in a crowd like that – but at least my daughter is older now, and she clung on to me, pretty well.  My husband didn’t come, since he has a back injury – and crowds kind of freak him out.  And THIS was a crowd!

My daughter was a little disappointed because we said we’d see all her friends there – and I had NO idea how many people there would be!  Only ran into one acquaintance, even though I knew that pretty much everyone I know in L.A. was there.  So many people!

Once we showed up, my daughter was a bit upset that we hadn’t planned more – that we didn’t have artistic home made signs.  (We had printed some out).  Next time, she is excited to be prepared!

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