The Violin Recital

My daughter had her first violin recital!  She hasn’t even been playing a year, so it was kind of a big deal.  And since she hasn’t even been playing a year, to be honest, we weren’t expecting much – but it went great!  She was a little nervous, (I was, too!) but once she got on stage, she loved performing!
It was an added bonus that the recital took place at the historical Brand Library & Art Center.  It is a stunning place for photos, and it felt like my daughter was performing a real concert!
It was my daughter’s idea to play violin, that she first started asking for when she was around 6 – and I postponed starting lessons for a bit because I didn’t know if it was just a passing phase to want to play.  When we finally started, we bounced around with a couple of teachers – but then ended up with the amazing Nancy Kuo, of Leggy Fish Violin Lessons.  I couldn’t be happier and prouder of how my daughter’s lessons are going – now I wish we started sooner!

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