Kids Need Headshots, Too!

My daughter actually got invited to audition for a music video for Bruno Mars – how fun is that?  It was actually because she plays violin, that she was invited to audition.  Of course, she wouldn’t actually be playing violin for Bruno Mars, I guess they just needed a kid who could look like they were playing violin?

So, even though I have ten million pictures of my kid, I didn’t actually have just a recent regular headshot for her – so I thought I’d do a photo session with her.

That being said, although we showed up for the audition – we didn’t stay!  We had no idea what to expect, and didn’t realize that there were several other parts being cast at the same time, and there was something like a 3 hour wait before my daughter would have been called in.  When I was told, “Come at 4” – I thought we’d see someone at 4!  I felt fairly naive, considering I was raised in Los Angeles and the film industry, and my mother was a headshot photographer.  For some reason, I thought situations with kids would be a little less manic and cut throat!  My daughter has done modeling jobs before with HUGE photographers for well-esteemed companies, but because it was word of mouth, we just showed up and she had the job!

Anyway, it was a school night with homework, and because I wasn’t expecting the mob of people and multiple castings going on, I had not brought anything with us at all – no books, no homework, no electronic devices, no water, no snacks…  So, we gave it a little bit of time, sussed out the situation, and decided to leave.

I don’t mind if my daughter does a job here and there if it falls into our lap, but I wasn’t quite prepared for that amount of hustle!

For now, she’s just my own private model – and I love that!

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