Spring Break at Mammoth Mountain

It was our first Spring Break at Mammoth Mountain, and it was so great, we are now set with a new Easter tradition! I already can’t wait until next year! We were all recovering from colds, which are made worse with altitude, (their village is around 9,000 feet), so we weren’t feeling that great.  But what fun it was!

Spring Break also coincided this year with their annual Pond Skim (it’s usually later in the year, but this year was warmer than usual).  The warm weather and the Pond Skim event really added to the quintessential “Spring Break” atmosphere, but at the same time, it was very family friendly, with most of the staff dressed as bunny rabbits.

I had no reason to bring my good lens and fancy camera, and sports events certainly aren’t my usual thing, but of course it’s fun photographing scantily clad athletic people trying to ski or snowboard across an icy pond!

And of course, my daughter enjoyed all the Easter festivities, hosted by Mammoth Mountain and the Village.  Actually, she scored twice, since we had a hunt for her outside our cabin, and then joined the crazy Easter egg hunt that was put on by the Canyon Lodge.  I think she had fun searching for Easter eggs in the snow…

And she is already planning her costume for when she is old enough to snowboard in the Pond Skim!

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