A New Addition to the Family

I’ve been a side-tracked lately.  But, we have a new puppy!  Why would that side-track me?  Well, if you ask that, you obviously haven’t rescued a Husky puppy!  I swear, between a human newborn and a puppy, a human baby is WAY easier…  And between a regular puppy and a HUSKY puppy?  Don’t ask!

That being said, her name is Frida and we absolutely love her!  My daughter is thrilled, (and is the one that named her after her favorite artist), and our boy, Mike, is thrilled to have a little buddy, too.  Even though she is a puppy, she is a rescue, and she has her full pedigree papers.  So, now we have two rescued huskies that have pedigree papers!  Goes to show, even if you want a fancy, schmancy puppy, you can still ADOPT!  Not only are you saving a life, but some other person paid lots of money to a breeder for Frida, and we got her for practically free!  Poor kid has already been passed around and been unwanted, and the rescue organization recommended her to us since she knew we were experienced Husky owners.

We got her from the rescue organization, Husky Camp.  If anyone is ever looking for a Husky, I highly recommend them!

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