A White Christmas

It’s Christmas card photo shoot time!  I still have a process with dealing with my head after having a photo shoot – I always have an exact idea of what I want the picture to look like, which is good to have, but it’s also good to go with the flow and accept things when the photo shoot goes in a different direction.  Yes, a good photographer should be in control of the photo shoot – but well, when it comes to children and animals, no matter how slick you think you are, there is a little bit of powerlessness that needs to be accepted.  And doing a child and animal together?  NOT good for a control freak!

Ironic that I am a control freak, and my favorite subjects are both children and animals.

We did the photo shoot in Mammoth Lakes, where we were taking our Thanksgiving vacation.  I decided to spontaneously do the shoot right when we arrived.  Mike had just been in the truck for 5 hours, and had newly arrived in snow, so he was a little wound up.  Maybe I should have let him get his ya-yas out for a little bit before the shoot?!  I was just all gung-ho to get the photo shoot done with and out of the way while Violet’s hair was still neat and I had everyone’s attention.  We were on vacation, after all!

We also didn’t really “research” our location, and just got out of the car at the first area where we came to snow.  It was heavily forested so had hardly any light coming in, and shooting in all that white snow was new to me.  I mean, of course, I’ve taken a million “snaps” in the snow, but not where I’m wanting to control the lighting on the face, etc.  The metering was all over the place!  At first I was worried I didn’t get anything and was mad at myself for rushing the whole thing.

Ultimately, I got some good pictures,  And a little Photoshop tweak here and there, and, actually, it was a GREAT photo shoot.  I always have trouble reminding myself that not EVERY photo has to be great – 10 great photos in a quickie photo shoot is more than enough.  The goal was to get a Christmas card photo – and I got it!  Actually, in the end, I had trouble choosing…

But I learned some lessons for next time!  It is certainly NOT my last photo shoot in Mammoth!!

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