Save the Dolphins!

My wonderful, wonderful husband bought me a new full frame camera!  The Nikon D600!  I haven’t had any official photo sessions with it yet, but the day after I got it, I heard at the last minute that there was a protest outside of the Japanese Embassy concerning the annual dolphin hunt in Taiji.  I am vegan and a bit of an arm chair animal activist, but I always say I’d like to get more involved.  So, I asked my daughter if she wanted to make a quick sign, and we headed downtown!  She is not vegan, (my husband is not even vegetarian, so she is raised with a combination of our lifestyles).  However, she is obsessed with ocean life, since she thinks she is a mermaid, so I knew she’d be concerned if I told her about the annual dolphin hunting.  (I didn’t get graphic, of course!)

It was a nice day, wonderful for me meeting so many like-minded people that are so passionate about a cause I care about, and I think, good for Violet.  And of course, the camera was fun to use, too!  Although I still need to spend more time getting familiar with it.

If you don’t know anything about the movies The Cove or Blackfish, or what happens in Taiji, Japan every year and would like to know more, check out

You can also see all my photos on my photo album site,

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