Liz & Dale

Liz Menzel and Dale Vaughn are a local couple who have done quite well for themselves, lately. They both lead groups about self-empowerment that have made it to the L.A. Weekly’s “Best of L.A.” list. Dale leads a men’s group, Liz leads the women’s group, and sometimes the groups merge and do group events and hikes in Griffith Park. I am thrilled by their success! They both have lots of other projects in the works – you can check out their websites at Women’s Wisdom Community and NextGent.

I was photographing them individually for their professional business endeavors, but I think my favorite photos were the spontaneous pics of the two of them together.

I was also honored that Dale asked me to help him out with a photo he had of his grandfather that he wanted to duplicate. I felt bad because he hadn’t told me before the shoot, and I did not have an old sawhorse on hand, like the one in the photo. My husband is in construction, I could have gotten one with a little notice! But he was fine with the one sawhorse I did find in our garage, even though it didn’t match. If I had notice, I probably wouldn’t have gotten anal about it and tried to figure out how to duplicate it down to the smallest detail, but considering it was on the fly, it still turned out pretty good. Then afterwards, I played with it in Photoshop, and he cropped it even more to match. I know this isn’t my finest portfolio piece, but to me, the personal sentiment makes it feel like a very fulfilling endeavor.

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