What a fun day at CicLAvia! It was crazy crowded, but a fun day. We didn’t do the whole 15 miles, just 12.5, making a clean 25 miles from our car to the beach and back. We were running late in the morning, or else we would have tried to do the whole thing. (We had our 6 year old with us, so knew we might take more rest stops).

After the event, I saw people complain on various websites, that it was TOO crowded, CicLAvia had failed somehow, that the whole stretch of Venice should have been opened, that cars shouldn’t have been let through to pass on the route, that kids shouldn’t be allowed, etc., etc. Wow! Really? I say “kudos” to the CicLAvia people! I am sure it is not easy to get an event going like this, to get permits to shut down city streets – especially in Los Angeles! Yes, it is on a Sunday, but almost 4 million people in cars do not disappear, just because it is not rush hour! As far as kids not being allowed? The whole idea of it is that it is a family/ fun event, it is not a race! If there are any problems or dangers at the event, it is because a lot of people seem to be a little manic and don’t realize that etiquette and “rules of the road” apply to bicycling as well. And so many people texting while riding their bikes!

That being said, I took photos while riding my bike! BUT… I only took photos when I thought it was reasonable and safe. Actually, I didn’t have my camera out the whole time, just when we were on our way back, I realized the crowd was going slow enough I could probably ride with the camera around my bike without it bugging me. Some of the best photo opportunities were when we were on our way out to the beach, but oh well, better to be safe than sorry!

I definitely am looking forward to the next CicLAvia!

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