Spring Fiesta 2013

I have not had time to book sessions lately, which I know is really bad! Still struggling with my personal life being hectic, and dealing with time management issues – but I still manage to take photos. Of course, I am always taking photos!

My daughter’s school had a fundraiser last weekend, and I brought my camera, just to kind of play around. Mostly, I brought my good camera because I knew the parent that was putting on the event, and she wanted pictures of the rooms before the event started. I wasn’t there to be an official event photographer in any way. But ,it was a lot of fun! And also fun to take photos, because we have such fun and interesting parents at my daughter’s school. Everyone worked so hard to put it on, and it turned out to be a great success for the school.

Oh yes, and I also volunteered myself and my business as an auction item. So, it was a good night for business in spite of it being all about fun. I got to promote myself and hand out a few cards, and one of my photos might be used on The Marie Osmond show! Go figure! Melissa Peterman, who is a star of the television show “Baby Daddy,” “Bet on Your Baby,” and was a costar of “Reba,” is a parent at our school, and hosted the school event. She will be a guest on the Marie Osmond show coming up, and asked if she could use my photo. Sure!

So, to make up for lost time, I have booked three sessions this upcoming week! Of course, there will always be a chance that things get cancelled or moved around, but hopefully, I’ll have some updating to do soon!

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