From the Archives

I have spent a small fortune and wasted a lot of time trying to get slides printed!  Here I am in Los Angeles, you’d think it would be no big deal, right?  I can’t believe so many places no longer even do slides, and the first place I found did them badly.  They were printed backwards, seemed to have loss of color, and were severely cropped awkwardly.  When I made phone calls, even the places that said they did slides, were charging either a fortune or were frustrating when I asked them questions about their process.  I didn’t want to get them printed again only to have them go in the trash, AGAIN.  Finally, I got referred to the Icon that is more central Los Angeles and I’m east Los Angeles, and I just hadn’t had time to make it over there.  While shopping at Samy’s Camera in Pasadena, I asked them about printing slides, and they sad they had no probelm doing the job!  They didn’t seem to be put off by my questions and had great prices!  Yay!  No, I have no affiliation to them for giving them a plug, but I was just so happy to get my slides done properly!  I am sad that film is becoming more and more challenging to deal with.

Anyway, I know these pictures aren’t going to win any awards, but they are fun memories – and considering I was so young and goofing off, they aren’t half bad.

The top picture is a photo of my mother.  I did her up in all that make-up, which was usually not her style.  She could have been a model!  Below are more pics of my friend Liz, who shows up again and again in my old photos.  Before Violet, she was my main muse.

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