The Endeavor

I didn’t think we were going to get to see the Endeavor making its way through the streets of Los Angeles, since we were in San Diego on Saturday when it was supposed to be on its final voyage, and we had made the plans for San Diego quite awhile ago. It was going to be still making the trek at night when we got back, but the last thing I wanted to do with my 6 year old after driving back from San Diego, was deal with crazy crowds and parking in the middle of the night. Yet, Sunday morning I woke up early and saw my friends posts and photos on Facebook from the middle of the night, and I was soooo jealous! I regretted not making an effort, even though staying up all night sounded a tad bit nightmarish. Then, after moping over pics on Facebook, and being up before everyone else, I took my cup of coffee and turned on the news. I saw that the Endeavor was HOURS behind schedule, and was still heading down city streets. I was supposed to go on a quick marathon training run before Tim headed off to his weekend work, but as everyone in the house woke up, I announced I was going to try to take my daughter to find the Endeavor ASAP. Of course, Tim was not going to be left out and announced he was coming with us. It was actually so perfect, because at that hour, not many people had caught the news yet, and the city of Los Angeles woke up thinking the Endeavor was already at the Science Center. We got great parking and did not have to walk far at all. If we had left an hour later, it might have been a completely different story, since by the time we left, the streets had become a zoo! People were starting to catch on quickly with the same idea I had!

So, everything worked out soooo perfectly! We didn’t have to wait hours and walk miles like my friends in the middle of the night did, and I got to take photos in daylight! We were starving without breakfast and had barely brushed our teeth, and were wearing what we slept in, but what a great morning! Tim and I did a hike in Griffith Park the day the Endeavor was doing the flyovers a month before, but unfortunately, my daughter was in school that day and we couldn’t share it with her. However, that night after school, I was completely shocked when she talked about the excitement of seeing the Endeavor do its flyovers, and she said she didn’t even know why, but she said she cried a little. I think when she said that, she meant it as something positive and emotional in the best sense. I thought it was so cool that in spite of not fully understanding the event, she “got it.” I am so glad we had the opportunity to witness this amazing event.

So, below are all the pics, including one from the day it did its flyovers.

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