Bike MS 2011

We did it!  Another adventure over, and another accomplishment achieved.  I bitch and whine all the way through every time, but in the end, it is always so, so satisfying and I start to obsess on when I can sign up for the next year’s ride!

I always plan on taking more photos, but I realize, since I am not the super athlete I like to think I am, I usually spend more time focusing on catching up to my husband than taking photos.  There are always so many great little visuals we pass!  That is what I love about riding a bike – you cover so much territory but get to notice so much more than if you are just on a highway in your car.

Meanwhile, the photo on left was the view from our hotel room.  It was pretty nice!
This year, Bike MS/ Coastal Challenge had just less than 1,000 participants, and raised close to $900,000.  Their goal was just over $1,000,000, so they came close!  And to date, Tim and I have raised $1,350 for this ride.  So, it wasn’t a bad year at all!  (And THOSE are the numbers that matter!  Not the mileage or the elevation…  Although, we still like to feel accomplished in those areas, too…)

So, until next year….

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