A Belated Happy New Year!

Well, Happy Chinese New Year?  And I’m so behind, it’s actually Valentine’s Day!  But I’m just finally downloading my Chinese New Year’s pics…

New Year and new routines.  I have updated my website yet AGAIN.  It’s a bit of a mish mash between photography and set painting.  I just can’t get away from the set painting!  I have a history with it, so it’s just easy to do.  No complaints, I actually have fun with it.  And photos, well, I am enjoying it more when it is just for my own enjoyment.  Yes, jobs come up now and again, but it just doesn’t pay as well as the set painting – and in between, I like to spend time with my family!  Like sharing with my daughter, her first Chinese New Year parade!

Meanwhile, Tim and I have signed up for another bike ride.  It seems to be the only thing that keeps us motivated and in shape.  And they are always for a good cause!  This one will be May 1, down in Long Beach for diabetes.  It’s the Tour de Cure.  Here is our link: http://main.diabetes.org/goto/zeugcraft

It is only a one day ride, but it should be a doozy because it is quite hilly!  It also goes over two bridges – and I kind of have a bridge phobia.  But I am always open to conquering my fears!  At least we are not starting off as in bad shape as when we signed up for the MS ride a couple of years ago – we are not “in” shape, but I still managed to do a 40 mile ride yesterday, bicycling from my house in Los Feliz, over to the Sepulveda Dam and back yesterday.  And last time we did a fundraiser, we were still on our old bikes!  This one should be a lot of fun.  Although, exhausting!

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