Checking In

I just don’t check in enough to make this blog worthwhile, but at the same time, I like having it here for the occasional time I feel like posting pics.  I actually haven’t taken that many proper photos this year, since my day job has dominated my time and energy when I haven’t been focused on motherhood.  I went to a friend’s wedding recently and brought my camera, and it reminded me how fun it was to take photos!  The friend had a 40s theme wedding on the Queen Mary, so there were many opportunities for great shots.  Unfortunately, I was wearing a really tight dress and pointy high heels, which I am waaaaay out of practice wearing, and was SO uncomfortable…  I probably would have gotten more shots if I wasn’t in so much pain!  But it was fun, and the photos I did get turned out well.

I then also took some portraits of my daughter, who I hadn’t properly photographed since before Christmas last year.  Hopefully, in the coming year, I will find a balance between motherhood, my day job on film sets, and taking more photos…

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