Goodbye, Roo…

Roo isn’t gone yet, her big day is on Sunday.  We are going to be a wreck!  I thought I’d write a memorial for her now, because who knows if I’ll be able to next week once she is already gone?  In a way, the house has calmed down a bit, because we’ve already cried so much, we went through so much making the decision to take her to the vet, I think Tim and I are all cried out – for now.  And once we made the decision, we realized, really, there is no decision to make…  Roo is obviously in pain, she is pretty much paralyzed, we carry her outside and back inside again, (even though she has lost a lot of weight, that is no easy task), bring her her food and water – it seems cruel in nature sometimes that a body will still go on when so much of it has shut down.  Not to be morbid, but I have told Tim, if something were to ever happen to me and I was on life support, it’s okay, pull the plug!  So, why is it so hard to make that decision for a dog?  No, she is not on life support, but her body has mostly gone already.  And I am sure she is beyond miserable with Lola and Violet running around screaming around her, knocking her over when she does manage to stand up by herself.  So, while before we were dreading Sunday – which in a way, we still are – in a way, we realize this is in no question Roo’s time, and I think we are finally ready to let her go.
I remember her as a puppy so well!  I was always so thrilled, because Tim’s girlfriend at the time, Kelly, would always tell me that Roo seemed to like me more than any other friends of theirs.  I remember one time driving up to work, and Roo jumped in my car window as I was trying to park and came sat on my lap.  (Luckily it was an enclosed, empty parking lot, since Roo has never been petite, and it could have gotten ugly.)  Although I was an animal lover and raised with a family dog, I can’t say I was the biggest dog fan.  Roo changed that for me, and now I consider myself more of a dog person than a cat person.  Although I still find myself irritated with other dogs!  When Lola acts like a complete pill, I always think to myself, “Roo never acted like that…”
15 years is a long time for a relationship. (Yes, you have a relationship with your pets!)  It’s longer than most Los Angeles marriages!  We’ve done so much together… and well, with Tim, I know he had a really full life with Roo before he and I became romantically hooked up.  Roo went with him everywhere, which is how I got to know Roo so well before we were together.  She was always at work with him, travelled all over the country with him when it was possible – they were two peas in a pod.  When Tim and I became romantically involved, we would plan our weekends and roadtrips around what we could do with Roo.  I used to be an avid bicyclist, and gave it up for hiking, so I could be with Roo when Tim was at work.  Yes, you could say we were crazy animal people – but we were only that way with Roo!  Now we have Lola, and I have absolutely no problem taking up bicycling again!  Don’t get me wrong, I adore Lola…  But well, she’s just not Roo…
I’m sure we will have many pets in our future…  but Roo was more than the family pet.  She created a special spot in our lives that will never be filled again.  That was a once in a lifetime relationship.  To say she will be missed, is an understatement beyond what words can express…
So, say a prayer for us on Sunday…  We’ll need it!

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