I know, I know….  I went from bad to worse keeping this blog updated photographs.  Just a lot of stuff going on, even though I have been taking pictures, I have also been doing other things – doing fundraisers for multiple sclerosis (it went very well!) and dabbling in my old career of film work, which has loooong days and is quite involved.  And of course, in between all of it, I consider myself a full time mom.  (On the right is my daughter and her best friends on Halloween).  And somehow we entered the holidays!  Where did the time go?  I read a book that said contrary to popular belief about mothers of newborns, mothers of preschoolers are the most tired and busiest!  I don’t know if that is a scientific fact, but I’m using it!

Anyway, I photographed my gorgeous friend Angela last week whose baby girl is due next week!  I am also in the midst of reorganizing my studio – since my studio right now is a little more basement than studio.  I’m trying to clean it up and make more space.  It was also my first time   playing with a new light set up.  I am pleased with these photos, but I still have more work to do getting the studio in working order.  Baby steps….

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