I’m Back…

When I started this blog, I connected with advertisers and had the plan of hooking in with the whole big blogosphere out there, connecting with other bloggers and doing the mandatory weekly blog post, having guest bloggers, etc., etc…. However, I realize now that was totally delusional on my part. There is absolutely NO WAY I can update this blog every week! I just do not have the time. I could probably force myself to make the time, but realize I’d rather spend it with my family… Or taking a much needed break…

However, almost 2 months have passed since my last blog post, and that is definitely too much time to pass! I will find a happy medium where I post here regularly. But I will not keep up with THE blogging world at large…

This last past month I’ve been busy with relatives from out of town and my daughter’s 3rd birthday party, but I’ve still managed to take plenty of photos and meet some new clients! I love getting to know new people! That has been the greatest gift of doing photography, so far, meeting such great people.

I have also started a Facebook page! So, if you are on Facebook, please be a fan of my page, and you can instantly keep updated with any new photos I take… I will probably be better at keeping my Facebook page updated than blogging here. But I will TRY!

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