A Busy Week


I have been editing and editing more photos… I’m sure I overlook some really good photos since everything becomes a blur after awhile…

Last week I photographed Trixie and her family, and (separately, of course), Jennifer and her son Max. Jennifer and her 6 month old Max is in the above photos, and Trixie and her family are below. I got some good close-ups of Max, a couple I put on the website, but for the blog I picked out the one of him yawning. I’m a weirdo that will go for the quirkier photo… They were all great to shoot, and the result was a LOT of photos to go through! Trixie has actually managed to cover three sections in my website, since she’s pregnant, (one section), and they are family photos, (another section), and her son Lukas (in the kids section) made a great model all by himself!

One thought on “A Busy Week

  1. These photos are all terrific, so warm and alive. Your new business is going to take off and thrive. Congratulations!


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