Big Changes

Last week I photographed Zach and Emily and their mom, Suzie. They were a lot of fun to shoot, and I think a lot of good photos came out of working with them. It was hard to choose photos to put up! But I added quite a few to my website.

So, I spent the weekend redoing the website. It was a pretty big make-over. Besides changing the photo layout on the portfolio pages, adding new photos, I added a couple new sections under “Little People,” and took down the old section of “Odds and Ends.” Even though I’ve taken a ton of photos in my life that I really love, I realize they don’t really fit into a commercial website focused on portraits. Oh well, I guess that’s where the blog can come in handy, where I put the photos that don’t fit anywhere else.

My old peace rally photos can still be seen on my site under Snapshots. Photos from Ostrich Land? I guess this blog post will be it…

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