After dealing with so many illnesses, I am finally getting to take some photos. Although, illnesses are still haunting our photo sessions.

I got a chance to take some quick snaps of my friend Anise and her son, Cyan. (Seen above, she is the owner of Anise Mouette). I had technical problems with my camera, which was really embarrassing, and Cyan was actually still sick, so we didn’t take very many photos. But still, we got a couple of nice ones!

Then I also photographed Sara and Andy with their 22 month old twins. I am still sorting out their photos, but here are some ones I grabbed quickly. I was still kind of sick that day and took an overdose of Sudafed that day – which I really hate but I was desperate, so I feel like I could have done better. But still, there are some nice ones. I think you need your full wits about you, though, when photographing toddler twins…

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