The Waiting Game

I do not have any new photos this week. When we were in San Diego, my husband, Tim, got offered a job in the Bahamas for a few months, and when we got back I was in a whirlwind doing research on what we would need to get ready to leave with him on such short notice. My daughter, Violet, doesn’t have a passport and I need a name change on mine (I still have my maiden name on my old passport!). Plus all these things to figure out about taking car seats, etc., etc., and I was having a mild heart attack since I knew that Tim would leave immediately and I would be on my own for a few weeks getting everything ready to come meet him.

So, last week I was low key and didn’t want to share the news until we had definite word, but now we haven’t heard anything else! I can’t even say that the job is not happening, because if the job takes a Construction Coordinator (my husband’s title) to the Bahamas, my husband definitely has the job – it is just a matter of the producers sorting themselves out. He will probably get a phone call at midnight the night before they want him to leave…

Anyhoo… I’ve stopped spending all my free time online reading up on the Bahamas, and have now come back to reality. Back to planning photo shoots and getting the photography going! I need more practice with some of my new equipment, anyway.

I stil haven’t really used my Nikon SB-800 AF Speedlight Flash. I have sort of played with it one day goofing off with Violet, (see above photo), but I have yet to play with it “properly.” I guess that can be my homework assignment for the week…

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