A Little Vacation

I am behind on sorting out photographs! This last past weekend my in-laws were in town and we took a road trip to San Diego for the weekend. I did take a million photos, but none that were for my future portfolio. Not unless I wanted to feature some close-ups of a hippo at the San Diego zoo, snapshots of the Coronado Hotel, or use more pictures of Violet – but God knows I have enough pictures already of Violet! (Although really, I love taking pictures of Violet, and I think I got blessed with a very photogenic daughter).

Before my in-laws arrived, I took some quick photos of a mom I know through my Mom’s Club, with her gorgeous son, Addison. Unfortunately, when she came over the sun disappeared, and I still don’t have a studio set up in our garage yet. It looked like it was going to rain and there wasn’t much light, but we still got in a few snaps. I still haven’t sorted out those photos, but some look they still came out okay. I am still waiting for the chance (and the weather), for the opportunity of the perfect photo session! But I’m still happy with the photos I’ve managed to get so far. I guess as the saying goes (if you are into sailing), “Calm seas don’t make a good sailor.” I am probably misquoting that… So, maybe the fact that I haven’t had the “perfect” opportunity yet is strengthening my skills as a photographer. Let’s hope so!

I’ve been having fun, and I guess that’s what matters the most.

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