Getting the Ball Rolling

It has been tough making time to take photographs! Actually, there has been no time, and even though I’ve offered a couple of friends free photographs, they don’t have time, either! Ha, life in Los Angeles…

We had a huge yard sale last weekend, where we went through our basement filled with furniture, left here by the woman who lived here before us who passed away just over a year ago. She lived here for over 40 years, and due to the emotional context of having to go through and sort things out, I think her family members weren’t ready to face the job. Well, besides it being an emotional job, it was also a BIG job, it being 40 years worth of collected items. I actually knew this woman well, and she was an extremely close friend of my mother’s. In the week before the garage sale, my husband was working a lot, my mother was also busy, as well as the daughter of this woman. So, it was mostly me going through and sorting stuff out! Of course, everyone else pitched in here and there when they could, but I spent the good part of a week covered in dust and cobwebs sorting through boxes and pulling things out. All while entertaining and potty-training (successfully!) my 2 year old. The garage sale was a success, but we didn’t sell everything and we still have a LOT of furniture in the yard! Goodwill is coming next week… The furniture is still there, but at least we have cleared out most of the trash, post-garage sale. My husband snuck out late at night and filled up all our neighbor’s trash bins. But a week later, we are still cleaning up!

What has this got to do with photography? Well, nothing really… I guess just making excuses for myself about trying to get a business going while dealing with life. But, I have been getting things sorted out, and cleaning out the basement and garage means making space for a make-shift studio in the garage! So, even when I seem distracted, I am still thinking of the bigger picture.

The other day my friend Lisa came over with her daughter, Sophie, and I managed to take a couple of quick snaps. We have been talking about a “photo session” for awhile now, but I was still cleaning out garbage and hadn’t bathed in a week when she made it over, and luckily, she wasn’t quite in the mood, either! (So, I didn’t have to worry about looking like the flake!) I wasn’t going to take any pictures at all, but thought I should make an effort to take a couple of snaps. What I learned is that if I take photos of other children I can’t ever have my own daughter around. She is such a ham and kind of the stalker on the playground, it was kind of hard to get a photo of Sophie without Violet butting in! Not that I don’t love taking photos of Violet, but I already have quite a lot of photos of her… In the end, I am glad I got a couple of photos in, though. Sophia has a great face! I can’t wait to take pictures of her when I’ve had a decent nights sleep and will be a little more focused…

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