The New Website is Up!

My new website at is up and running! As far as being completed, it is still a work in progress, but it was somewhat viewable. My old art and photography website at pretty much is dead and buried. It is a new website with a new look since it’s a new era of creativity. Less showgirls and crazy L.A. nightlife, and more families and kids. Our life changes, and our creativity changes with it.

Of course, there will be lots of changes still to come. It was so hard going through travel photos! I have so many, and to think, I only went through my travels of the last few years that were taken with a digital camera. I have some great photos from all around the world on slides and negatives buried in boxes in the basement, but I just can’t deal with it. Same goes really for all my photos, where I know there are some good headshots that I have buried somewhere, but I am not ready to tackle the boxes in the basement. Besides, I think what will be important will be putting up the NEW photos I start taking soon!

Above is a photo I’m using in my “Little People” section of my website, which is a snapshot of my daughter Violet, just using my great instamatic Olympus Stylus 1030SW. But I like it! Hopefully, I’ll get some new shots of kids soon enough with my new fancy schmancy camera, and that is where my new focus will lie.

Below are some travel photos that did not make it on to the website. They are just snapshots taken with instamatics while on vacation, but I am still happy with them. The top photo was taken in Havana, Cuba, below that is Guatemala, and on the bottom is from Belize. The photo taken in Guatemala was taken with an older model Sony Cybershot, and the photos in Cuba and Belize were taken with an older model Canon PowerShot. Easy to take great photos with such stunning locations!

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