Something Old, Something New

So, after a hiatus of taking care of my daughter who has now started preschool, I am starting up my photography once again. I have realized my old art and photography websites were horribly out of date in so many ways, and I am starting from scratch. Oh yes, and I will no longer go by my maiden name, Emilie Harvey, published or not. I am starting off the new business as Emilie Zeug. Not even Emilie Harvey-Zeug, which is the name I used shortly after getting married. It is going to be a whole new era! It is also going to be a lot of work! I have a lot of photos to go through, both on disk and old negatives (remember those?), from serious photography sessions to all the photos taken traveling around the world.

Today, I was going through my computer and found some old scans that reflect a past life that was a lot of fun. However, in my new phase of photography, I’m sure there will be less focus on nightlife and more focus on family portraiture. I still have fun looking at the old photos, though. These photos reflect the nightlife in Silver Lake, (and the people who were a part of it), here in Los Angeles in the early 1990s. Many moons ago… The top photo is of Kari French in her “Fuzzy Sex Room,” below is Tom Bliss at home, and a dancer from the Velvet Hammer.

I will keep everyone updated when the new website is ready for viewing!

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